~ Lead an Outing ~

Special note from our Web Guy: It's Spring! We expect that our website will attract new members to the Crooked Canes, and some of them will want to start off with easier Spring hikes. Our Types of Outings provides members with a choice of a Regular outing of greater difficulty or an easier hike as an Alternate outing every week! And we will need volunteers to lead these easier hikes. If you've been hesitating to lead an outing because of the outing difficulty many Canes look for, this is an opportunity to lead an easier hike. Every Cane can lead an easy-rated outing. If you would like to try it but don't know where to go, hit the Continue button below and tell our Outings Coordinator you're interested.

To submit a new outing to the Outings Coordinator just click "Continue." below. You can limit your email info to date and basic description or include all necessary details, or just ask questions about it. Use the topics below as a guide. The Outings Coordinator will respond to you to discuss details and anything that is up in the air.

    Details for the posted description (the Outings Coordinator will help you with these)
  • Outing type (Regular, Alternate, Bonus)
  • Preferred date or dates
  • Contact info: Leader & optional co-leader names, phone# and email address for members to contact you
  • Outing description: length; elevation gain; trail/bushwhack condition, e.g. generally flat, steep sections, nice smooth easy walking, etc.; for paddles, type of water body; for bike rides, road conditions, interesting/special features, e.g. views, waterfalls, ponds, old buildings, history, etc
  • Difficulty rating (Easy, Moderate, Difficult, or a hybrid) for the average Cane
  • Meeting places & times: CTL, alternate or additional places
  • Questions, like should this be a through hike, or when should we meet, or should we bring snowshoes, spikes, Just ask for advice in your email.