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The Crooked Canes have been hiking since 1979. For our early history and the origin of our name, see What's in a Name?

For info about the group and a typical outing, read "Meet the Crooked Canes". This older article from the Adirondack Explorer still, by and large, describes the Canes today — though we have grown significantly over the past several years.

Joining the Canes is easy. It entails accepting all risks associated with our activities by submitting an Acknowledgement of Risk Agreement form, and agreeing to abide by Canes Practices. Prior to your first participation in a Crooked Canes activity, complete and submit an "Acknowledgement of Risk Agreement" form to the leader of the outing or activity.

You are welcome to add your name and contact info to our email list.

Why do people hike? There are nearly as many reasons as hikers. Some hike for the enjoyment of being immersed in nature; the beauty of the hills, woods and ponds; the diversity of flowers, plants and ferns; socializing with other hikers, meeting new people with similar interests, and developing friendships; just getting out; aerobic exercise; testing one's stamina; and many more reasons. If you enjoy the outdoors, whether it's to hike, paddle, bike or ski, we would welcome you on our outings.

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We hike throughout the year, and volunteer members of the Crooked Canes lead our outings in the NY Capital Region and Adirondacks.