~ EZRiders & Canes Info~

The pages in this section are about the Canes, including our history and an email link to contact our Outings Coordinator with any questions a member or prospective member might have, and our sister group of biking enthusiasts, the ezRiders, a bicycling club for fit riders over 55 who ride in the southern Adirondack Mountains, including their schedule and an email link to contact them. The ezRiders and the Canes have many members in common.

Why do we hike, paddle and bike? Probably for the same reasons the outdoors and its activities have attracted outdoorsy folks for generations: We love the beauty and solitude of the woods and streams and ponds; we enjoy others' company; we want the benefits of exercise. Some of us like to paddle the area's lakes and streams; some of us like to bike; some of us like to ski. Some like our mix of outdoor activities. Many of us have developed friendhips with other Canes over the years. No doubt each of us has his or her own reasons for participating in the activities of the Canes or ezRiders.

Check out our Useful Links page for info on emergencies, first aid, backcountry conditions, weather and other topics of interest, such as black fly and hunting seasons.

Crooked Canes snowshow hikers enjoy lunch together on an Adirondack mountain during a winter outing.