~ Acknowledgement of Risk ~

The Crooked Canes participate in a variety of outdoor activities in which both known and unanticipated risks are inherent. Participants assume responsibility for themselves, their actions and all consequences, acknowledging that risks cannot be eliminated.

Acknowledgement of Risk Agreement is Required at First Outing

Prior to one's first participation in a Crooked Canes activity an "Acknowledgement of Risk Agreement" form must be completed and submitted to the leader of the outing in which the participant acknowledges and accepts the risks inherent in that and subsequent Crooked Canes activities that may result in personal injury. The outing leader will forward the signed agreement to the Outings Coordinator, who keeps all signed agreements on file.

Should you fail for any reason to provide an Acknowledgement of Risk Agreement to the leader of the outing, nevertheless by your participation in the activity you accept all risks inherent in that activity that may result in personal injury.

Risks to be Aware Of

Among the risks inherent in outdoor activities are these: Trails and off-trail bushwacks may be rocky, steep, slippery, debris-covered, and may run along cliffs. Lakes and streams have variable water levels, flow rates and ice conditions that can change. One may be subject to severe weather conditions and sudden changes. The outing may be in an area that attracts hunters. Because of changes in conditions the outing may last beyond daylight. These factors will affect what you carry and how you dress. Whatever the hazard, every participant assumes full responsibility for his/her own preparedness and safety during a Crooked Canes outing.

Outing Descriptions Can Help You Plan

Outing descriptions published on our website are reasonably detailed to provide information to members about what they can generally expect on the outing. However, not all information about an outing and expected conditions can be included in an outing description, which should be considered a general planning guide. Conditions may change, especially with respect to the weather. Checking information online the day before an outing and reading emails from outing leaders can help one decide whether to participate in a particular outing,

Role of the Outing Leader

The leader of an outing is a member of the group and has volunteered to lead a particular outing. He or she will guide the participants throughout the outing. While experienced in the activity, the leader is not a hiking, paddling, skiing, or biking professional and does not accept any personal responsibility for the safety of outing participants.

Link to Acknowledgement of Risk Agreement form. A person signing an Acknowledgement of Risk Agreement is stating that they know that there is risk inherent in the activities they are choosing to participate in, that they assume responsibility for such risk and will blame no one other than themselves for misfortune that may befall them. Print, read carefully, fill out and give the form to the leader of your first Canes outing.

Crooked Canes participate in a variety of outdoor activities in which both known and unanticipated risks are inherent.