NY Capital Region Outdoor Enthusiasts: The Adirondacks are Calling

Hiking, Paddling, Skiing, Biking with the Crooked Canes

We are a group of active people who enjoy hiking and other outdoor activities. We schedule weekly hikes throughout the year, along with seasonal paddles, cross-country ski outings and bike rides. These events frequently take place in the Adirondacks but also throughout the local region and beyond, including the Catskills, Taconics and Vermont, especially to places off the beaten path. Most outings take place on Thursdays (sometimes moved to other days due to weather). While most of us live in the Lake George/Glens Falls/Saratoga Springs area, active Canes live throughout the New York Capital Region.

The Crooked Canes is not an official entity or association and we don't collect dues. We're merely individuals sharing a common interest in enjoying outdoor activities and have a website allowing us to share information with anyone who chooses to join us. Most of our "members" or attendees of our outings are of retirement age, though some are younger. All enjoy being outdoors, and many wish to balance socialization with exercise without testing endurance limits. Outings vary in length and difficulty from easy to difficult, though even those that are subjectively "easy" still require participants to be fit and aware of their physical limitations.

We have been hiking since 1979. Check out our Canes Journal to see the types of outings we enjoy.

Join the Crooked Canes or Adirondack EZRiders

We are a friendly group and welcome new members on our outings. Joining the Canes or our sister group of biking enthusiasts, the Adirondack EZRiders, is easy. It entails adding your name and contact info to the Canes email list, accepting all risks associated with our activities, and agreeing to abide by our practices — information relating to these issues can be found here on our website (see Practices and Acknowledgement of Risk) — and/or adding your name and contact info to the EZRiders email list. Try an outing with us. You can easily unsubscribe to our emails by clicking on an unsubscribe link.

Birch branch of the Crooked Canes hiking group.

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