The Crooked Canes

~ Cane Tracks ~

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  KML       GPX     Adams Mountain  Great views, firetower, 5 miles RT

  KML       GPX     Ampersand Mountain  Beautiful summit, 5.2 miles RT

  KML       GPX     Amy's Park  Nice 4.4 mile walk around a marsh/pond/wetland area

  KML       GPX     Avalanche Lake  From Marcy Dam, 7.8 RT. Gorgeous!

  KML       GPX     Bald Peak w/ Blueberry Cobbles 7.6 miles RT; Cobbles OLs @ 3.6 & 4.4 miles RT

  KML       GPX     Barton High Cliffs  Bushwhack, some rugged spots, great cliffs & views, 3.6 mi. loop

  KML       GPX     Bartonville Mountain   Short, kid friendly, trail head adjacent to "The Hub," 1.4 miles RT

  KML       GPX     Bass Lake  Through hike, just under 5 miles

  KML       GPX     Ben Woods Mountain  Nice woods walk, nice views, 4.8 miles RT

  KML       GPX     Berlin Mountain  Nice walk: summit & ski trails of old Petersburg Pass Ski Area, 7 miles RT

  KML       GPX     Berrymill Pond  Nice woods walk to a nice pond, 6.5 miles RT

  KML       GPX     Buck Mountain   From Pilot Knob and Shelving Rock Road trailheads

  KML       GPX     Bear Slide  2.6 mile RT streamside walk with lovely cascades & waterfalls

  KML       GPX     Belfry Fire Tower  0.6 mile RT to a fire tower and great views

  KML       GPX     Big Brook, Danby, VT  Woods, great stream & swim, 5.6 Miles RT

  KML       GPX     Big Slide Mtn.  Great High Peaks views, 7 miles RT

  KML       GPX     Black Mtn. Loop & Point  Big LG views, 2 tracks: Loop and Point

  KML       GPX     Blue Ledge  A nice woods walk to Hudson River, great swimming hole, 4.6 miles RT

  KML       GPX     Blue Mountain  Nice climb to fire tower & views of lake & mountains

  KML       GPX     Bromley Mountain  2 routes; great views of the Greens & Taconics

  KML       GPX     Buchner Bacher Trail  4.2 miles RT. Great views. Open late fall - early spring: rattlesnakes.

  KML       GPX     Cascade Mountain  An "easy" High Peak; 8.8 miles RT; often VERY crowded

  KML       GPX     Cascade Pond   5.5 mile through hike; nice woods & pond, Lake Durant views too

  KML       GPX     Cat & Thomas Mtns.nbsp; 3 tracks about cover it all, mileage depends on what you do.

  KML       GPX     Catamount Mountain  Pretty, rock slabby, great views all around; 3.4 miles RT

  KML       GPX     Cedar Lakes  A nice 8.6 mile RT through lovely woods to Cedar Lakes

  KML       GPX     Cedar River Flow & Buell Brook  Lovely Paddle, might see a moose!

  KML       GPX     Cheney Mtn.  1.6 miles RT, views of Lake Champlain plus Mineville iron works & tailing pile

  KML       GPX     Chimney Mountain  3.4 Mile RT, great views and rocks. The summit has a great lunch spot.

  KML       GPX     Clear & John Ponds Loop   Lovely 5.1 mile forest loop with two ponds

  KML       GPX     Cobble Hill  Nice Lake Placid area views; adjacent to Northwoods School; 2.6 miles RT

  KML       GPX     Cook Mountain  A mountain, a marsh and an old cemetery on nice trails; 3 tracks.

  KML       GPX     Coon Mountain  Short, 2.1 miles RT; spectacular trail and views of Lake Champlain.

  KML       GPX     Coot Mountain  1.2 miles RT; Great lake views. Lang Cemetery at the TH is worth a look.

  KML       GPX     Crane Mtn.  Two tracks, the main loop @ 3.4 miles and a short cut avoiding the ladders.


  KML       GPX     Equinox Mtn  2 tracks; 7.1 mile thru hike or two 3.5 +/- mile O & B hikes, great views

  KML       GPX     Essex Chain Lakes  2 tracks, 6 ponds, 7 portages, lots of diversity, pretty.

  KML       GPX     First Brother  A 2.4 mile nice whack along a ridge ovelooking Brant Lake area

  KML       GPX     Gettysburg Quarry & Owl's Head   Old  quarry, great overlook of two valleys, 3.2 miles

  KML       GPX     Giant Nubble  2 tracks: do an O & B or through hike; great views; Rainbow Falls included

  KML       GPX     Gilligan Mtn.  Lovely 2 mile O & B w/great views of Giant, Rocky Ridge, etc.

  KML       GPX     Goodnow Mtn.  Nice 4 mile O & B to a fire tower and great views.

  KML       GPX     Gull Bay  Pretty 2.5 mile loop through woods & along wetlands

  KML       GPX     Gull & Spectacle Ponds  Two short, sweet, hikes to gorgeous ponds.

  KML       GPX     Hackensack Mtn.  Nice views of "The Burg" & beyond from 3 trail heads

  KML       GPX     Hadley Mtn.  Nice 3.8 mile RT hike to a vast summit area & fire tower

  KML       GPX     Haystack, Pawlet, VT  Nice 3.2 mile RT to big summit area w/great views

  KML       GPX     Heart Lake / Mt. Jo  Great views & walk around Heart Lake & over Mt. Jo, 1.4 mile loop

  KML       GPX     Henderson Lake Carry  To paddle, or just to see Henderson Lake, this is the 0.3 mile route

  KML       GPX     Hennig Preserve  5.9 very nice miles of woods & stream

  KML       GPX     Hill No. 8  8 mile through whack in lovely forest w/ nice views from atop Hill No. 8

  KML       GPX     Hopkins Mt.  2 Tracks, Do as a thru or O & B

  KML       GPX     Hurricane Mt.  Tracks from both the Crows and Rt. 9 trail heads.

  KML       GPX     Inman Pond  A very nice 2.9 mile loop in nice woods w/pond, interesting rock.

  KML       GPX     Jay Range  8 miles RT & worth every step or do a 4.8 mile RT & get good views.

  KML       GPX     Kip Mountain  1.6 mile O & B, nice woods walk, nice views of Loon Lake, Gore

  KML       GPX     Kunjamuk  Beautiful flat water paddle! 9.8 mile RT shown, do as much or little as you want.

  KML       GPX     LaChute River Paddle +  8.2 mile (or shorter) RT, Metro Ti to Ferry to VT

  KML       GPX     Levine Preserve  An easy 2.0 mile woods loop in nice forest.

  KML       GPX     Lincoln & Ellen Mts.  Stunning! 6.9 mile thru  & 3.2 add'l along ridge, or 11.4 mile O & B ridge run.

  KML       GPX     Lost Pond  2.5 mile loop around an absolutely stunning pond.

  KML       GPX     Lye Brook Falls  5.2 mile RT to the longest cascade in Vermont.

  KML       GPX     Lyon Mountain  7.2 mile RT to great views and a fire tower.

  KML       GPX     Marcy Dam  4 miles RT, go in one way, come out the other. A legendary location.

  KML       GPX     Moose Mountain Pond  7.2 mile O & B to a very scenic pond.

  KML       GPX     Moxham Mtn.  5.2 mile RT with outstanding views. A very popular, large summit area.

  KML       GPX     Mt. Van Hoevenburg  4.8 mile RT to an extended summit area w/great High Peaks views.

  KML       GPX     Murphy Lake  7 mile thru hike with 3 pretty lakes.

  KML       GPX     Noblewood Park  @ mouth of Bouquet River, scenery, birds. Paddles possible, longish carry.

  KML       GPX     Noonmark  Looks pitchy from Keene but most of it isn't. 3.8 mile O & B or 4.4 mile loop.

  KML       GPX     Northville Placid Trail, South End  Lovely 7.4 mile RT on the S. end of the Northville/Placid Trail

  KML       GPX     OK Slip Falls / Ross Pond  6.6 RT to stunning OK Slip Falls or 5.6 RT to lovely Ross Pond

  KML       GPX     Pilot Knob (Buck TH) To L. Hogtown  Connects Pilot Knob Mt, Buck, Inman Pond; 2.8 Miles

  KML       GPX     Pinnacle Ice Walls & Chase Lake  Pinnacle: 5.4 mile bushwhack loop; Chase Lake: 5.4 mile O & B

  KML       GPX     Record Hill  Nice hike and views of Lake George. 1.4 mile RT

  KML       GPX     Sleeping Beauty, Bumps & Fishbrook Ponds  From Dacy Clearing

  KML       GPX     Thirteenth Lake Area  Hour Pond, Peaked Mt, Balm of Gilead Mt, Old Farm Trail, Hooper Mine