The Crooked Canes

~ Information On Using Tracks ~
Folks have been interested in obtaining tracks recently for GPS, other devices, All Trails, Gaia and other apps, so here's the beginning of a page with links to GPS tracks, formatted generic .GPX, that Canes have recorded on outings and made available to anyone who wants to use them.  It works on Windows and Mac desktops, iPhone and Android. You may experience a learning curve doing this, especially if this is a first experience using these types of files.

Use of Google Earth's tipping, rotation and zoom functions along with the available topographic layer, can be helpful in deciding whether or not any particular outing is appealing to you.

This is a just a start and several hundred more tracks will follow.  Tracks to any places not shown here yet can appear pretty quick, if available, upon request. Contributing tracks you may have for inclusion here (subject to review and editing)  in pretty any common GIS data file format is encouraged; simply email them from HERE.

Clicking KML and GPX links triggers a file download directly to your Downloads folder; clicking a link will NOT open the file it is linked to. Navigate to downloaded files by going to your Downloads / Files folder and double clicking or importing the file you wish to view. Google Earth opens KML and GPX requires software compatible with GPS data. Both are available at the links below. 
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Google Earth For Windows, iOS   $: Free
Opens KML files. For PC and Mac, get the desktop version as it is vastly more functional than the web version. Want to see just how steep that hike is you're thinking about?  You can easily see that by tilting and turning Google Earth.

A Topo Map Overlay For Google Earth   $: Free
This is a USGS topo map layer that can be added to Google Earth and turned on and off as needed with just one click. Very handy if you don't use Mapsource or Base Camp. Only for desktops, not sure if it will work on Mac.  When you find out, let me

GPX Viewer for iOS:  $1.99 on the AppStore and worth it.  5 star rating.  Tracks can be imported and followed on the viewer.  Import tracks from your iCloud account and follow them with this app.  Does not record tracks.

GPS Hiker Free iOS app.  This and the GPX Viewer for iOS, above are a good combination. You can record your own track on GPS Hiker while following the track you've downloaded on GPX Viewer at the same time.

More free or low cost iOS & Android apps

More free or low cost apps for Android on Google Play

GPX Track Viewer /For Windows only $: Free
Tracks downloaded from our tracks page can be imported for viewing. The recorder function is useless for hiking unless you want to drag your laptop, a car battery and an inverter around in the woods.

Base Camp For Windows, Mac, iOS, Android $: Free
Garmin's current application for viewing, editing and creating GPS tracks. If you are willing to spend a little, it is VERY much worth your while to get Garmin's Eastern US Map from one of the links at the bottom of the page.

Mapsource Windows only $: Free
Garmin's previous version of what is now Base Camp. Mapsource, no longer available directly from Garmin, is slightly less functional than Base Camp but far easier to use. Having both Mapsource and Base Camp is living in the lap of luxury.
Garmin Map Data $: Not Free but worth it if you want to get serious and fully functional with a GPS.
Garmin's topographic maps on CD or microSD. In addition to Garmin, eBay usually has both CD and microSD maps, among lots of other navigation gear. If the eBay "CD and microSD maps" link no longer works, go to eBay and type Garmin Maps in the search box.