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~ Outing Descriptions: How To Use Them ~
 There is a lot more information in an outing description than meets the eye.
One does not simply READ it, one USES it to discover all that each description contains.
Click things that are GREEN  and "Difficulty" icons to uncover all of the "invisible" content.

Below is a real outing entry with personal information modified. Navy Blue notation numbers, e.g. "(1)"  have been added after information entries and are numbered (0) through (7) and correspond with explanatory notes (0) through (7) in the section below the outing description.
September 16   #21-1836 (0)   Hurricane Mountain Hike (1)   (2)   Charlie Brown(3)   H  123-456-7890 (4)    C   123-456-7899 (4)   WX (5)
  (6) Hurricane Mountain is located north of Rt. 9N between Keene and Elizabethtown. Although not a High Peak, from its bald summit at 3,694’, the views are expansive in all directions - from Lake Champlain and the Green Mountains of Vermont to the east, the High Peaks to the west, Whiteface Mtn. to the northwest and Giant Mtn. due south. It also has a restored fire tower on its summit but you don’t need to climb it for great views. It is one of the mountains included in the ADK Fire Tower Challenge so if you aspire to complete the Challenge this is a great mountain to include. There are three trails to the summit but for this hike we will take the primary trail which begins 3.5 miles E of the junction of Route 9N and Route 73, south of Keene. It has been nearly seven years since the trail has been re-routed and much improved from the prior one, avoiding the steepest and most eroded sections. The trail is a bit longer than the old one for a total of 6.8 miles RT and an elevation gain of ~2,000’. CTL at 8:15 for a departure of 8:30 or the High Peaks Rest Area at 9:20 or the Rt. 9N trailhead at 10ish.      ALT or A-TEAM!  ??? (7)
Explanation Of Above Notations:
(0) The month & day are  the planned date for an outing.  Sometimes they move a bit due to weather or for other reasons. When this occurs, everyone on the Attendee list gets notified by email. The date shown on the schedule may not change unless the outing is rescheduled for some time "down the road a piece."  Regularly scheduled outings have a sequence number, such as the one shown in this example as #21-1836 indicating the outing was scheduled in 2021 and is the 1836th regularly scheduled outing.  If the outing were an A-TEAM! outing the sequence number would have the suffix "A" at the end, as in "#21-1836A"; were the outing an "ALT" as in " Alternate" outing, the suffix ALT would be appended to the sequence number as in "#21-1836ALT; were the outing a Bonus Outing, there would be no sequence number and the word "BONUS" would replace the sequence number.

(1) This  is where you find the name of the outing, in this example "Hurricane Mountain Hike."  If the outing name is Green And Bold  as shown above, it is contains a link to a web page with more/other/different information than is in the body of the outing description.  Go click "Hurricane Mountain Hike" above and see what happens. If the outing name is Bold but not green it is just the outing name with no external page link.

(2) Whenever there is a, the star is a link to a previous Crooked Canes outing. A trip report on that outing is posted on the Crooked Canes Journal and clicking the star will take you to that trip report in the Crooked Canes Journal. So click the star and see what happens.  Where there is no green star, there is no link to the Crooked Canes Journal.

(3) This is the group leader's name. If the group leader's name is Green And Bold like it is above, it is a link that brings up an email on your computer addressed to the leader with the subject line already filled in for you.  In the email body, type what it is you want to say or ask your questions and click Send.  If there is more than one leader, often both names have email links.  Go ahead, click the trip leader's name above and see what happens.

(4) This is the leader's phone number. It is Green and Bold.   If you are looking at the outing on your mobile phone or tablet (or your computer if you have it set up to make phone calls) you can tap the number to call the leader. Often, a trip leader will list a home phone and a cell phone. and when there are two leaders, there may be as many as four Green and Bold numbers.   Go ahead, give the link above a click and see what happens.  You won't disturb anyone because it's not a link to a real phone number.

(5) WX is always Green and Bold and brings up the NOAA weather report for a one square mile area generally centered on where the outing is being held.  Scroll down the page to the map and you'll see a green square denoting the forecast zone. Go ahead, click the link in the above example and see what happens.  Don't forget to scroll down to the map and see the green box.

(6) Our difficulty rating icon for each outing appears here and may be just one rating or a span of ratings, eg. from the Green Circle (Easier) to the Blue Square (more difficult) to the more difficult Black Diamond ratings. A lot more information on ratings is on our ratings page, right HERE. Starting with our November outings ratings shown for each outing will link to the outing difficulty rating page. Go ahead, click the rating in the above example and see what happens. NOTE: This feature will be fully functional on all outings starting with the first November, 2021 outing.

(7) Whenever  "ALT or A-TEAM!  ???" appears at the end of an outing description it will be BOLD GREEN and is an invitation to you to schedule an Alternate, as in "ALT" and/or "A-Team!" outing as is allowed opposite a regular schedule outing. If an ALT gets scheduled, an A-TEAM! outing is still allowed (and vice versa) and will continue to appear, indicating what type of additional outing is begging to be scheduled. An outing can be scheduled by clicking the "ALT or A-Team ???"  link in the above example.  Go ahead, give it a try!

An additional note: Any time there are multiple links regarding the same thing, e.g., two links to past CC outings, reports on other web sites, or both, multiple leaders, weather at one end of the AT and at the other, etc., those links will be included and shown as separate links BEGGING for you to click them.