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Today is

All Crooked Canes Outings Are Suspended Until Further Notice, Effective Monday, March 16, 7.30 PM

     Peter and Kurt have discussed at length the adviseability of continuing with our Current Schedule of Crooked Canes outings considering the potentially very serious consequences of Corona virus and have, therefore, suspended all Crooked Canes activities, effective as of Monday, March 16 at 7.30 pm until the threat diminishes. This could be in two weeks or six months but presently there is no way to tell how the future of this worldwide pandemic will unfold. Exactly what factors, circumstances, etc. will trigger resumption of outings is unknown but we'll be monitoring local, regional and national advisories the same as we expect you are.
     You certainly have choices regarding personal activities. Enjoyment of outdoor activities should not be ignored, so "go forth and" recreate, giving due consideration to the safety of yourself and others as well as governmental guidelines and regulations.

     Be well. We look forward to the "Good Old Days" returning soon!