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August 29   #1775   Hurricane Mountain Hike   Claudia Rosenholz   518-391-3386      WX    -
Hurricane Mountain is located north of Rt. 9N between Keene and Elizabethtown. Although not a High Peak, from its bald summit at 3,694’, the views are expansive in all directions - from Lake Champlain and the Green Mountains of Vermont to the east, the High Peaks to the west, Whiteface Mtn. to the northwest and Giant Mtn. due south. It also has a restored fire tower on its summit but you don’t need to climb it for great views. It is one of the mountains included in the ADK Fire Tower Challenge so if you aspire to complete the Challenge this is a great mountain to include. There are three trails to the summit but for this hike we will take the primary trail which begins 3.5 miles E of the junction of Route 9N and Route 73, south of Keene. It has been nearly five years since the trail has been re-routed and much improved from the prior one, avoiding the steepest and most eroded sections. The trail is a bit longer than the old one for a total of 6.8 miles RT and an elevation gain of ~2,000’. CTL at 8:15 for a departure of 8:30 or the High Peaks Rest Area at 9:20 or the Rt. 9N trailhead at 10ish.    A-TEAM! ???

September 5    #1776    Albany County Helderberg-Hudson Rail Trail    Peter Fedorick    518-893-2629   WX   -
Offered by special request! Although some of you have biked this ride on your own it is a new one for the Canes. Starting at the Rail Trail’s parking lot at its eastern end, just SE of the intersection of Old S. Pearl St. and S. Pearl St./Rt 32 in the City of Albany, we will bike west for 9 miles along the old Delaware & Hudson (D&H) railroad bed to the Rail Trail Pavilion in the Village of Voorheesville. Here we will have a leisurely lunch before retracing our route, stopping at Stewart’s in Delmar for dessert. The recreational trail is paved in its entirety and we will be sharing it with walkers, runners and other bikers. We will have a slight incline on our route to the western end but we will benefit with a slight decline on the return. Along the way there is beautiful scenery of the Normanskill Creek and Falls, wildflowers, butterflies, birds, and rock formations. Meet at the Exit 8 Park & Ride of the Northway at 9:15 for a 9:30 departure or at the starting point noted above at 9:45ish. The Park & Ride is located at 1530 Crescent Rd., Clifton Park – west at the exit for ~1/4 mile, on the left. Details to the S. Pearl St. parking lot will be made available at the P&R or upon request.

September 12    #1777     ---POSTPONED TO FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 13---   Crooked Cane’s 35th Anniversary At Moreau SP    Questions? / Comments?    518-893-2629     WX   
As promised, here are the details on our annual picnic get-together on September 12. This is our 35th Anniversary of Crooked Canes adventures and friendship!! Join the fun – picnic begins at noonish, activities as posted!
   This year we are returning to Moreau Lake State Park. Planned for the day is a variety of activities and of course the picnic. We have reserved the Fernwood pavilion with lots of convenient parking available and restrooms close by. Hot dogs, rolls, condiments, plates and utensils, will be provided. If you prefer something other than hot dogs the grill will be available for you to prepare your special meal. Bring an appetizer, salad or dessert to share and whatever you would like to drink. Also: If you bring your old, unneeded metal utensils, plan to donate them after the meal for use by the Friends of Moreau, to lessen reliance on plastic ones in the future. If you wish, bring your own plate and water bottle and take them home.
   There will be a $5 fee collected to cover picnic costs. We will also be collecting an additional $10 per active Crooked Canes participant to cover 3 years of our website costs. We all look forward to using the schedule, sharing contact info and enjoying the marvelous journal stories and photos.
   Mary Knutson has volunteered to lead an easy hike of about 3 miles, with the route to be determined, timed to get you back in time for lunch. Meet at the parking lot adjacent to the Fernwood pavilion, near the beach at 9:45. If you have any questions please contact her at 518-587-8105 or email Mary. Kurt has volunteered to lead a paddle of Moreau Lake – likewise, you will be back in time for the first hot dog! Meet at the boat launch area, across from the warming hut, at 9:45. If you have any questions please contact Margie at 518-928-0600 or email Margie. Ken has volunteered to lead a bike ride starting from the Park’s parking lot adjacent to the entrance kiosk, departing at 10:00. His route will be a shorter version of one that is done by the ezRiders and will be about 15 miles in length. The ezRiders will join us for the picnic. If you have any questions please contact him at 518-683-8420 or email Ken. There are a couple of Park sponsored outings on the 12th, so look for our Canes groups at the designated locations.
   For those of you that do not wish to join the organized activities please feel free to arrive early and go for a walk, a paddle, bike the park roads or just visit. BTW – there are many of you that haven’t participated in any of our outings in recent times – please use this opportunity to join your friends and catch up – we all want to know what you have been up to. Bring your stories and pictures to share! If you or someone you know may need assistance in getting to/from Moreau please contact Margie or Peter to see if we can help.
   Moreau Lake State Park is located just off of exit 17 of the Adirondack Northway – at 605 Old Saratoga Road. The entrance kiosk is not staffed during the week so there is no need to stop. After going past the kiosk keep left and proceed along the park road to the boat launch for those of you who are paddling or continue along the park road to the large parking area adjacent to the Fernwood pavilion for everyone else. Hope you can join us!
   Weather: The forecast will be watched next week to determine any need to move the date. Do a Sundance for the 12th!
   Addendum: Website expense: Every 3 years we must collect to offset the increasing cost of our valuable website. As mentioned above, we will be collecting $10 per active participant at the picnic. For those not in attendance at the picnic, please, at your earliest convenience, send your payment to Kurt Wisell at 3 Antler Avenue, Lake George NY 12845. Make any check payable to “Kurt Wisell” please.

September 19    #1778     Cedar River Flow Paddle     Fran Herve    518-899-3216  On Paddle Day: 518-522-3998     WX   
The Cedar River and associated Flow (lake) is located in the Moose River Plains Wild Forest Area near Indian Lake. From Wakely Dam we will paddle the length of the Flow, continuing upstream on the Cedar River for an additional mile to a lean-to where we will have lunch and then return for a total distance of 9-10 miles – Peter will be the navigator (a new position just for this paddle!). Folks are welcome to come along and just paddle the Flow on their own, hopefully with a friend or two. The pace will be leisurely, so we’ll have plenty of time to explore the shoreline and look for wildlife. The flow is home to waterfowl and other birds so bring your binoculars and camera who knows, we may even see a moose. Wind, when it does blow, tends to follow the length of the Flow so it can be an issue, especially if you are paddling a tandem canoe with high sides. Solo canoes and kayaks should fare well. CTL at 8:15 for a departure of 8:30; or the Town of Johnsburg Court House in Wevertown at 9:00; or Stewart’s in Indian Lake at 9:40 for a pit stop; or the boat launch at Wakely Dam at 10:15ish. The last 10 miles is on an unimproved dirt road but passable with almost any vehicle.  A-Team! ???

September 26    #1779     Jay Range     Scott Anderson  & Linda Fedorick   S H-518 955-7991 C-518-955-7991   L 518-893-2629;     WX    -
   Simply put, Jay Mountain is a super nice hike, especially in the fall when the leaves have started to change color and the temperatures are cooler. Located about 7 miles NE of the intersection of Rt 73 and 9N in the Town of Jay, the primary feature of this hike is the mountain’s 1.5 mile open ridge, offering panoramic views of the Lake Champlain Valley, the Greens of Vermont, the High Peaks and the surrounding mountains and valleys.
    The hike was last done as a Bonus Outing in October 2017 with the summit as its goal. Considered by most as a challenging hike, it is now being offered as two separate hikes starting at the same time, with different goals, allowing participants of varying abilities to enjoy the mountain. Linda will lead a group at a slower pace than the main group for 2.4 miles and an accumulated gain of about 1800’ from the trailhead to the first overlook. The 360 view from the overlook is spectacular. At the overlook they will enjoy a leisurely lunch while some of the group may decide to explore the nearby ridge, not venturing too far. Since this is their goal they will return to the trailhead from here.
    Scott, leading the second group, will reach the overlook before Linda’s group and, after a short visit, will continue along the open ridgeline, enjoying the expansive views, for an additional 1.1 miles and gaining another 450’ to the “Big Cairn” where they will have lunch. After a lunch break, those wishing to go to the very interesting true summit will hike an additional 1.0 miles RT to a point only one foot higher but which offers terrific views of Lake Champlain and the Green Mountains. The “Cairn Group” will wait for the summit group unless someone volunteers to sweep a group back down. Anyone remaining at the “Big Cairn” will rejoin the summit group for the final sweep. To put the hike in perspective, the hike to the open ridgeline is similar to Hurricane in trail conditions, distance and ascent. A tad bit more maybe. The total hiking distance for Scott’s group is 8.0 miles RT and a total accumulated gain of about 2800’. Since there are two separate hiking groups it is important to decide ahead of time which hike you would like to attend and make sure that you carpool from CTL with those going on the same hike, as arrival times back at CTL will most likely be different. CTL at 7:45 for departure at 8:00; or at the High Peaks Rest Area at 8:50; or the trailhead at ~9:30. As of now there is some wet weather being forecast during the week of the hike – please monitor your email for any changes.     A-Team! ???

October 3    #1780    Gooley Club to Cedar River Hike     Lenore and Jack Reber    518-859-8555     WX   
Another new outing for the Canes! Our hike begins at the Outer Gooley Club building, at the end of the Chain Lakes Road – a dead-end road located just west of where NY 28 crosses Lake Abanakee. From the locked gate we will follow the old Gooley Club Road (referred to as the Cedar River Trail until a permanent name is chosen) to the banks of the Cedar River, where we will lunch, and swim if you enjoy a cold dip. The walk is about 3.5 miles one way with little elevation gain along a winding dirt road. We should catch the end of fall foliage. CTL at 8:45 for a departure at 9:00 or Town of Johnsburg Court House in Wevertown at 9:30. We plan on meeting at Byron Park for a short pit stop at 10:00 before proceeding to the trailhead.    A-Team! ???

October 10    #1781     New York/Sandgate VT Bike     Ken Gericke    518-683-8420     WX   
Canceled last year because it was too cold we moved the date back a couple of weeks in order to be able to offer this popular annual bike ride. An 18 mile bike beginning at the SR 313 NY/VT canoe access on the Battenkill River, and continuing in a clockwise loop to Sandgate Vermont. Lunch will be in the scenic hamlet of Sandgate. The route continues, mostly downhill, returning to SR 313, crossing the Arlington Covered Bridge to East River Rd, then back to SR 313 and to our start in NY. Meet at McDonalds in Greenwich at 9:15. This is a beautiful ride through some rural valleys of Washington County, NY and Vermont, quite remote with approximately 1/2 of the route on hard packed dirt roads. While the route can be pedaled with a touring/narrow-wheeled bike, a hybrid or even a mountain bike might be more appropriate. There are some hills, with a gradual elevation gain of approx. 700' then a long well-earned downhill to Sandgate.   A-Team! ???

October 17    #1782     Bromley Mountain Through Hike     Pat Desbiens & Kurt Wisell     P 518-813-7946  K 518-796-5495     WX   
We will start this hike from the parking area on Vt. 11 & 30 between Manchester and Bromley Mt. (map & directions HERE), hiking the AT/LT 2.7 miles to the grassy, open summit of Bromley where we hopefully will be rewarded with 360 degree views of beautiful autumn foliage, the Taconics, Greens. Adirondacks and Whites. Vertical ascent is 1420 ft., however; there are no steep sections: a fairly consistent easy to moderate climb all the way. We will most likely take a short side trail to the Bromley Shelter for a short respite before the final pitch to the summit. Following our lunch, we will continue north along the AT/LT descending another 2.5 miles into Mad Tom Notch, near Landgrove, for a total of 5.2 miles and the end of our journey where we will have spotted a couple of cars. Disclaimer: This hike is being led by two Woodchucks (aka: native Vermonters) so it's anyone's guess what may or may not happen at any time. Meet Kurt at CTL at 8:15, depart at 8.30 or Pat at the Greenwich McDonald's at 9:00 for a 9:10 departure.   A-Team! ???

October 24    #1783    Pilot Knob Ridge Hike    Diane & Kurt Wisell     518-796-1993  K 518-796-5495     WX    -
Don McMahon's succinct outing description from the last regular Crooked Canes outing scheduled for this location on 8/1/13: "Pilot Knob Mountain overlooks the southeast corner of Lake George. The trailhead is near the north end of Pilot Knob Road immediately before Pilot Knob Marina. Be prepared for a strenuous 5 mile hike with a 1520’ elevation change. A portion of the ascent is not clearly defined, not really a bushwhack but subject to “interpretation.” The views of Lake George along the ridge are frequent, changing and are as or more spectacular than any along the lake."  That about describes it, but to elaborate just a touch, it's an absolutely beautiful hike any time of the year with a long stretch of great views that just get better and better.  CTL or the Buck Mountain trail head (picture of it) at 10:00.  A-Team! ???

October 31    #1784     Rock Pond Lean-To Hike     Scott Anderson     518-955-7991     WX    -
Tentative, details for this outing (and / or something else???) to follow.  A-Team! ???