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We meet at the north end of Carol Thomas Lane ("CTL"),  Queensbury, NY 12845  
at 9.15 and depart from there at 9.30 UNLESS otherwise specified in the trip description.
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August 2   #1721   Lake Abanakee Paddle   Lenore and Jack Reber   518- 859-8555  WX
We will launch on Chain Lakes Road and paddle south under the Lake Abanakee bridge, under the Big Brook Rd. causeway and on to the Indian River rapids. Lunch will be at the spot where the Indian River meets the lake. About 7 miles RT. Paddlers are invited back to the Reber’s place in Indian Lake for an edible treat and swim afterwards. Meet at CTL at 9.00, depart at 9.15; Town of Johnsburg Court House in Wevertown 9.45; Abanakee parking lot at 10.15. The Abanakee parking lot is located on the south side of Rt 28 just before you go over the bridge crossing Lake Abanakee. The launch site is located on Chain Lakes Rd., the first R turn after crossing the bridge over Lake Abanakee and adjacent to the Town of Indian Lake beach where there are bathroom facilities.   A-TEAM!  ???

August 9   #1719   Gore Mountain Fire Tower Hike  (Replaces originally scheduled Lake St. Catherine paddle)   Diane and Kurt Wisell   D. 518-796-1933  K. 518-796-5495  WX
One of the longer fire tower hikes, this one can be 10.1 to 11.1 miles RT depending upon which web site you read with a vertical rise of  2,520 feet. More details to follow. Great views in all directions from quite a number of viewpoints. You'll go to the true summit of Gore which is not at the fire tower but at a point where  on August 24, 1877, Verplank Colvin set his original benchmark. The bolts in the granite ledge which supported his tower and some of the support wire is still in place. It is exactly 1.3 feet higher than where the USGS proclaims the summit is.   More details to follow and you'll want to pay attention to them.  CTL 9.00 for 9.15 departure.  A-TEAM!  ???

August 16   #1723     White Rocks Hike     Diane and Kurt Wisell     D. 518-796-1933  K. 518-796-5495     WX

White Rocks is a VERY scenic, well known and interesting geologic formation just east of Wallingford, VT, about an hour and a half from CTL. We'll hike the White Rocks cliffs trail, then if time and interest are on our side, the Ice Beds trail for a total of about 4.5 miles with a total vertical ascent of about 1,500 feet. Both trails are terrific and there is nothing very steep. It's likely we will meet a number of through hikers on this trail, part of the AT, and conversation with them is always fun. Feeding these bears is welcome and appreciated so bring some extra snacks. After our hike, conditions permitting, we'll head to a really nice, very scenic, swimming hole in the nearby Clarendon Gorge. CTL 8.15 for an 8.30 departure.   A-TEAM!  ???

August 23   #1724  Camp Santanoni Mountain Bike   Shelly Nevard   518-461-8656    WX
Great Camp Santanoni lies at the east end of Newcomb Lake in the Town of Newcomb off NY 28N. The Great Camp, one of the largest of its kind built more than a century ago by Robert Pruyn, has been reconstructed as a historical site. Some of you have skied or hiked to it, or perhaps you were one of the lucky ones who took advantage of the horse-drawn carriage ride and paddling adventure in the past – how about giving mountain biking a try? From the Gate Lodge parking lot we will bike the gravel former carriage road gently uphill, passing the Farm Complex, for ~3 miles and gaining 500’ before biking downhill for ~2 miles to the Great Camp complex on the shores of Newcomb Lake, losing 250’. Our anticipated arrival time will allow us a few hours to either just chill out, explore the buildings of the camp complex or, for those with spare energy to burn, paddle Newcomb Lake or Lower and Upper Duck Hole using the boats available at the boat house. Lunch will be wherever you choose. At a designated meeting time we will regroup and return via the same route. The preferred type of bike for this adventure is a mountain bike; however, a hybrid bike is acceptable since the carriage road is primarily gravel. We realize that not everyone owns either type. If you would like to attend this outing and are proficient at riding a bike, but do not own either type, Cloudsplitter Outfitters, located 1-1 ½ miles east of the entrance to the Santanoni Preserve, rents mountain bikes for $27 for the day, incl tax. Additionally, for those of you who would like to paddle your own boat instead of using one from the boat house they will rent a boat trailer for your bike for an additional $27 that will accommodate canoes or kayaks – such a deal! There is extra time required to fit the bike to the rider so arrival times will need to be adjusted for those renting equipment. You would ride from the outfitters the short distance to the Gate Lodge parking lot. Please contact them ahead of time if you plan on renting equipment, 518-582-2583. Of course helmets are mandatory and it is suggested that you bring a spare tube or patch kit for your bike and either know how to use it or become close friends with someone who does. CTL at 8.30 for an 8.45 departure or at the Black Bear restaurant in Pottersville at 9.15 or at the Santanoni Gate Lodge parking lot at 10.00.
A-TEAM!  ???

August 30   #1725   Irv Boyle Memorial Paddle   Lenore and Jack Reber   518-859-8555 WX
Lewey Lake is a small lake located off NY 30, midway between the Village of Speculator and the Hamlet of Indian Lake – about 12 miles from each and adjacent to the Lewey Lake Campground and Day Use Area. Although a small lake, paddlers are afforded extra distance and a remote feeling by exploring the winding, slow moving Miami River which feeds the lake from the south – a time to linger. There is a beach launch site located within the campground and a parking lot, restrooms are also available. There is a day use fee but this is waived if you are 62 or older during non-holiday weekdays. Mason Lake is a very small lake located about 5 miles south of Lewey Lake with a hand launch site and small parking area off the Perkins Clearing Rd., on your right, going south. From the beach launch site at the campground we will paddle Lewey Lake and explore the Miami River for a total of 5 miles, lunch location to be decided upon. The Canes have only paddled Lewey Lake once, led by Irv in 2003. We'll lead this paddle in remembrance of Irv's many Crooked Canes adventures. For those interested in paddling a little more after the Lewey Lake adventure there is the option to paddle Mason Lake. Meet at CTL at 8.30 for departure at 8.45; or Town of Johnsburg Court House in Wevertown at 9.15; or Lake Abanakee parking lot, Indian Lake, at 9.45 (entrance on left side of NY28 immediately before the causeway over Lake Abanakee); or the Lewey Lake Campground boat launch at 10ish.   A-TEAM!  ???

September 6   #1726  
Diane and Kurt Wisell   D. 518-796-1993 K. 518796-5495   WX
Like an impulse buy at the grocery store, we grabbed this slot because it was open and looked like a deal!  We'll do something fun, just need a week or two to figure out which of a number of thoughts we'll pursue.

September 13   #1727   Moreau Lake State Park Picnic And More   
Margie Litwin   WX
This is on the schedule, but not many details have been worked out yet. Stay tuned for more!

September 20   #1728  
Clear and John Pond Loop Hike – Take Three!   Lenore and Jack Reber   L. 518-859-8555  J. 518-223-3632   WX
A new outing for the Canes! The Canes have only been to John Pond a total of 4 times since 1988 and never to Clear Pond. However, DEC has marked a new connector trail between the two, creating a wonderful five mile loop trail, avoiding a traverse of a steep ridge or a bushwhack between the two ponds. This hike has been postponed twice this year so let’s hope the saying “Third Time’s a Charm” has some meaning. Our plan is to explore the new 5 mile loop, visiting these two ponds near Chimney Mt. in Indian Lake. There is a moderate elevation gain at the beginning of the hike, then a long gentle downhill back to the cars. Lunch will be at the lean-to on the shore of John Pond. Parking at the trailhead is limited so please plan to meet only at the designated locations, not the trailhead. Meet at CTL at 8:30 for departure at 8:45 or Town of Johnsburg Court House in Wevertown at 9:15 or the Lake Abanakee parking lot at 9:45, on the left of NY 28 immediately before crossing the causeway over Lake Abanakee.  
A-TEAM! ???

September 27   #1729   Mount Van Hoevenberg Thru Hike  
Pat Desbiens and Jayne Bouder   P. 518-813-7946  J. 518-636-3352   WX
This hike was done earlier this year starting from the Mt. Van Hoevenberg Olympic Sports Complex (OSC) - this time we would like to do it as a through hike, spotting a couple of cars at the OSC and then driving over and starting the hike from South Meadows Road. It will be about 3.8 miles total with a little less than 800 ft. of elevation gain. The trail begins with the first 0.9 mile flat into a swampy area which in the spring is home to a number of nesting birds; from this point the climbing begins but never really steep followed by the reward of spectacular views of the High Peaks and Lake Placid on the summit (2.2 miles from the start) - we can hope that the foliage will also be spectacular but can't give a guarantee on this one. From the summit we’ll proceed about .5 miles down the easterly side of the mountain to the OSC and continue our descent for an additional mile to our cars along the 2000 bobsled/luge/skeleton track and 1932 bobsled run. CTL at 8:15, departure at 8:30 or the High Peaks Rest Area at 9:15. Travel time is just under 2 hours to the trail head at the intersection of Adirondack Loj Road and South Meadows Road, including spotting cars at the OSC.   A-TEAM! ???

October 4   #1730   Blueberry Cobbles  
Peter Fedorick   518-893-2629   WX
A new hike for the Canes! From the New Russia trailhead to Rocky Peak Ridge and Giant Mt., located about 8 miles N on NY 9 from exit 30 of the Northway, we will hike 2.2 miles and climb ~1500’ to the ledges of Blueberry Cobbles over easy to moderate terrain. Blueberry Cobbles is one of the “knobs” on the way to Rocky Peak Ridge and from its overlooks offer splendid views of the Champlain Valley, the Boquet River Valley, the Dix Range and surrounding lesser peaks without the effort of hiking a High Peak. For those with extra energy and ambition we may add an additional .5 mile climb of 300’ to Mason Mt. for added views. Some of you may be familiar with this route and ask why we don’t go on to Bald Peak but that involves additional distance and elevation gain that we will save for another day. I anticipate at least some fall color so don’t forget your camera! CTL at 8:15 for an 8:30 departure, the High Peaks Rest Area at 9:20 or the trailhead at 9:40ish. A-TEAM! ???

October 11   #1731   Giant's Nubble and Roaring Brook Falls Hike  
Peter Fedorick   518-893-2629   WX
Giant’s Nubble is a rocky knob off the ridge trail to its namesake, providing a close-up view of Giant Mt to the north and expansive views of the High Peaks to the south and west. This will be a thru hike of ~4 miles beginning at the Chapel Pond trailhead and returning via the Roaring Brook trail. While total distance may be on the short side, the views cause visitors to linger and a leisurely lunch is planned. Total gain on the ascent is ~1350’ in 1.2 miles and total loss on the descent is ~1700’ in 1.5 miles. We will have the opportunity to explore the area beneath Roaring Brook Falls at the end of the hike. Bring a camera! CTL at 8:15 for 8:30 departure, High Peaks Rest Area at 9:20 or at Chapel Pond TH at 10:00ish, allowing a few minutes extra to spot cars. A-TEAM! ???

October 18   #1732   New York/Sandgate Vt Bike  
Ken Gericke   518-683-8420   WX
What would October be without the Sandgate Bike – an annual favorite! An 18 mile bike beginning at the SR 313 NY/VT canoe access on the Battenkill River, and continuing in a clockwise loop to Sandgate Vermont. Lunch will be in the scenic hamlet of Sandgate (specific location TBD). The route continues, mostly downhill, returning to SR 313, crossing the Arlington Covered Bridge to East River Rd, then back to SR 313 and to our start in NY. Meet at McDonalds in Greenwich at 9:15. This is a beautiful ride through some rural valleys of Washington County, NY and Vermont, quite remote with approximately 1/2 of the route on hard packed dirt roads. While the route can be pedaled with a touring/narrow-wheeled bike, a hybrid or even a mountain bike might be more appropriate. There are some hills, with a gradual elevation gain of approx. 700' then a long well-earned downhill to Sandgate. A-TEAM! ???

October 25   #1733  
Dippikill   Peter Fedorick   518-893-2629   WX
Dippikill is a wilderness retreat facility owned by the Student Association of the University at Albany with a number of hiking trails, located near The Glen in the Town of Thurman. We will walk a ridge to the summit of Dippikill Mt and have lunch at a lookout with views of the Hudson River and surrounding mountains. We will then descend to Dippikill Pond, returning to the parking area along the west side trail with nice views of the pond. Total distance is a little over 4 miles with about 700’ elevation gain. Restrooms are available at the trailhead. CTL or meet at the Dippikill Parking lot at 10:00.