The Crooked Canes

~ "Must Read" Information Before Attending ~

Everyone attending a Crooked Cane Outing must read, agree with and be familiar with the following four paragraphs.
Also, below the text are links with information everyone who enjoys our activities should know.
The Crooked Canes participate in a variety of outdoor activities wherein known and unanticipated risks are inherent. Attendees assume responsibility for themselves, their actions and all consequences acknowledging that risk cannot be eliminated. Prior to one's first participation in a Crooked Canes activity an "Acknowledgement Of Risk" form must be completed wherein the Attendee acknowledges and accepts "for myself, my heirs and assigns that any activity I participate in with the Crooked Canes involves risk inherent to the activity that may result in personal injury or death, that I am aware of those risks and that I am solely liable for the results of all my actions. I acknowledge and accept that outdoor recreational activities require physical strength, agility and endurance, mental clarity, knowledge and ability to make judgments reasonable to situations I may encounter in the activity I choose to participate in. I assert and affirm that I am of sufficiently sound mind and body and that I have sufficient skill, experience and knowledge of activities I choose to participate in so as not to pose risk of injury or death to myself or others participating."

Schedules published on our web site can be printed. However, not all information about any outing can be included on a printed schedule. Critical information is often accessed by links to external sources, e.g. current weather forecasts, or may change between the outing and when a schedule is printed. A printed copy can only be considered a general planning guide. Links to external information can be critical in one's decision as to whether their own circumstances are compatible with an outing. Information regarding any outing may change multiple times between publishing information on this web site and outing dates. Checking information on line the day before an outing and reading emails often sent by outing leaders shortly before outings can be critical to one's decision to participate, their experience and enjoyment.

Trails may be slippery, rocky, steep, wet, icy, debris covered and may run along or over cliffs. Bushwhacks have more hazards. Lakes, streams, swamps and rivers have variable water levels, flow rates and ice conditions from hour to hour, day to day and from place to place. One may be subject to extreme heat, lightning, hail, rain, flash flooding, snow, freezing rain, severe cold, dangerous wind and combinations of weather factors.. Potable water may be scarce or non-existent. Whenever going afield have a reasonable plan, determine as accurately as possible as many details of your plan as you can along with contingencies and be sure someone else knows your plan. At all times of the year, the window of survivability outdoors is reduced by adverse weather. Whatever the hazard, every participant always assumes full responsibility for his/her own preparedness and safety during a Crooked Canes outing.

For all activities anticipate changing conditions. It is each Attendee's personal responsibility to provide for their own use, carry, and know how to use, essential items and those that may become essential such as map and compass, PFD, water, food, emergency shelter, fire starters, clothing, traction devices and first aid supplies, among many other choices depending upon the nature of an outing.

~ Useful Links & Information ~

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Emergency Phone Numbers

Primary Emergency Services Contact Number: 911

NYS DEC Public Protection Dispatch (Rangers): 518-408-5852 

Though there is no cell service in many places we go, DEC can often ping a phone for its location and it
is a good place to store emergency contacts.

Adirondack Backcountry Conditions   Links to Adirondack regions, updated weekly by DEC.
NY Hunting Seasons
State Lands Interactive Map: SLIM


Vermont Fish And Wildlife Department    
Hunting Seasons

Green Mountain & Finger Lakes National Forests
Green Mountain And Finger Lakes National Forests  Information on Vermont's and New York's only national forests.


NOAA This link is to Lake George. Starting here, get to any location, including one square mile point forecasts as used in the "WX" links on our schedules.
NOAA Mountain Point Forecasts Provides hourly forecasts for many NY and VT mountain summits  Forecasts for mountains worldwide
The Weather Underground's web page for PC and an app for Mobile  Access thousands of weather stations all over the world, including your own if you buy and put one in.

Extensive survival information is available on the internet. These sites offer some simple, practical information
Practical Survivor Home Page     

First Aid
If it's a medical topic, it's on the web.  This link to the Wilderness Arena first aid page provides general first aid information on many physical issues that may be encountered on Crooked Canes outings.

The best help is available by calling 911,  your primary emergency services contact or 518-408-5852, NYS DEC Public Protection Dispatch (Rangers)