The Crooked Canes

~  Become A Crooked  Cane  ~

Becoming a Crooked Cane is pretty simple.  Use our menu at the top left corner of every page as your guide to becoming a Crooked Cane.  Menu items preceeded by a ♥ contain 'required reading' you should be familiar with prior to participating.  You'll find out how to contact and meet us for outings, what you should expect from us and what we expect from you.  Don't worry, there won't be a test!

We have a lot of fun on our outings and our Journal
will give you a feel for the variety of adventures and good times we have had over the years and may help you determine what types and difficulty levels are right for you.  Also, poking around in our various outing schedules and archives (all accessed from the menu, top left corner of every page) will give you a good feel for our group's interests.

You can stay in touch with the Canes by adding yourself to our Attendee List which is our primary method of communicating. Don't worry about getting tons of junk mail as a result of being on this list as it is only used by members of the group to communicate with one another.  Changing or deleting any and all of your information is easy. It's handy to have printed written instructions when making changes in the Attendee List and available HERE.

Contacts for any and all information about the Crooked Canes are available HERE. No operators, no directory, no phone PIN, no waiting, just plain Crooked Canes who've been around for a while who you can call or email. They don't have a hold button or even a clue about how to use one.