The Crooked Canes

~  How To Become A Crooked Cane  ~
Here is just about everything you need to know and do to become a Crooked Cane, or just try us out for an outing or two. If, after reviewing the information below and at linked pages you still have questions, please see our Questions & Comments page with real live contacts you can call or email for even more information or to give us your suggestions.
1. Go to our Traditions Page where you can read about our the things we expect Attendees to know, have and do.

2. Go to our Current Schedule and read outing descriptions. Pick one that suits you to go on for your first outing.

3. Go to the Advisories Page become familiar with the information there and then go to the AOR Page, get, print and complete our Acknowledgement of Risk form and bring it with you to your first event, giving it to Peter or Kurt or the trip leader.

4. Read our History Page to gain an understanding of our roots.

5. Check out some of our Journal entries to get a feel for our outings and group in text and pictures.

6. To let us know you plan to join us and for us to get to know you a little, contact Peter or Kurt, or the leader of the trip you wish to attend. Click the trip leader's name to send an email, or better, call. The trip leader's phone number is always on every outing description on our schedules and you can send an email by clicking the trip leader's name.

7. Add yourself to the Attendee List. This is optional, but if you want to know what's going on and to be kept informed of schedule changes (and there are LOTS of them) you have to be on the list! All of our group communication is done by email using our Attendee List and it's easy to sign yourself and make changes to your information anytime you want. You can add as much or little information as you wish, but in order for us to communicate with you, and you to communicate with anyone or everyone else, it is necessary to include your name, email address and phone number. Don't worry about signing up for another list that generates tons of ads, really great offers and other spam! All you'll get is Crooked Canes notifications and once on the list you can delete your information as easily as you added it. Click here for handy printable instructions for adding, editing or deleting yourself on the Attendee List.