The Crooked Canes 
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About the Canes...
The Crooked Canes is a Glens Falls NY - Saratoga Springs NY area based group of individuals meeting every Thursday for a scheduled full day event. There is no official entity entitled "Crooked Canes." We're merely individuals sharing a common interest in enjoying outdoor activities and have a web site allowing us to communicate easily with anyone who choses to be on our Attendee List. Our events consist of hiking, paddling, bicycling, cross country skiing, snow shoeing and occasionally other activities. Attendees (we refer to participants as "Attendees" simply because there is no membership in terms of enrollment forms, dues, classes of membership, etc.) are typically retirement age individuals who like being outdoors and wish to partake of events balancing socialization with exercise without testing endurance limits. Event locations range from the Eastern Adirondacks to the Northern Catskills or to locations in Western Vermont. The story of our roots is on the
History page.

About Attendees...
Attendees are expected to have good outdoor skills, knowledge, ability, appropriate clothing, gear and physical condition appropriate to every outing they wish to participate in. They assume full responsibility for their actions and any injuries they may incur during an event and to anticipate and be prepared for any and all conditions and eventualities they or the group encounter. We have a few traditions that have evolved over the years and we actually have a rule, but only one, and we follow generally accepted outdoor practices and etiquette described on our
Traditions page.
About Joining Us...
This is awfully easy! There are no dues, no membership forms, no membership approval process. Before participating for the first time, go to our
Join The Canes! and Traditions pages where you'll find out how to contact us, what you should expect from us, what we expect from you and how we communicate with one another. Then choose an outing on our Current Schedule, come along, get to know us and have some fun!  Outings on the Current Schedule page are not the only ones you can attend. That page is the "hub" of all our schedules and outing archives and on it you will find our schedule drop down menu from which you can access all of our schedules including the A-TEAM!, Bonus Outings, occasionally some special schedules and outing archives dating back to 1984.