The Crooked Canes Trail

Congratulations! You've made it to the first turn on the Crooked Canes Trail!
  This trail will take you through a number of pages in our web site to familiarize you with the basic information you'll need to get your Crooked Canes experience off to a good start.

There is a lot of information in the web site than this tour directs you to and it would be a very good idea to read it all at some point.   But not right now.  You'll see a lot of words in bold green type. Everything bold green is a link you click on that takes you somewhere, such as to a page or bookmark in this web site or to another web site. This trail is designed  as a tour taking you to "scenic overlooks" of basic information so don't bother to click on and go to all the green links you come across while on this tour.  You'll waste a lot of steps and get off the trail quick as a wink!

To follow the trail just click arrows like the one below as you come to them.  When you've landed somewhere after clicking a trail sign, start reading and continue to the next sign (they are all the same) and give it a click to proceed.