The Crooked Canes

~  Our Newest Addition: The A-TEAM!

For ideas scheduling an A-TEAM! outing see the A-TEAM!'s Schedule And Archive
The A-TEAM!'s Beginning
Since 1979 outings have been offered by folks who in 1985 first began using the name Crooked Canes and have since offered one activity for each Thursday outing, respecting the efforts of trip leaders.  Individuals who considered a scheduled outing not desirable due to difficulty, distance from home, a particular venue or any other reasons would simply not attend and at some point began to privately and quietly organize alternate outings.

The popularity of the Crooked Canes continued to grow with outings covering a wide spectrum of activities, level of difficulty from easy to moderately challenging, close to or farther away from our central meeting place, the Warren County Municipal Center.  A number of our veterans expressed  desire to continue their participation in somewhat less challenging activities, generally closer to home, proposing to schedule them as alternatives on Thursdays as events that would not dilute outings on the regular schedule. It was, conceptually, a logical progression for the Crooked Canes.

On September 17, 2015 the new "experimental group"  went on its first outing at a new venue, the Dean Farm Heritage Trail in Stony Creek, generating much interest and excitement.  Joanne Armstrong, eagerly accepting delegation to write an entry in the Journal said "I had no idea what to call this and the A-TEAM! was the first thing that popped into my head so I called it that." 

The Schedule
Outings shown on the A-TEAM! schedule page are alternatives to those on the regular schedule. Clicking the  number next to the outing date (e.g. "#1593") will take you to the regular schedule's trip as shown on its corresponding Archive page, -OR- Click your browser's BACK BUTTON or ARROW to return to the regular schedule. Note that there is a "Print" button near the top of the page which you can click to print only what is current on the schedule.

Where Does The A-TEAM! Go?
Anywhere they want, whenever they want!  Scheduled outings are all on the A-Team! Schedule and we have a list called the A-TEAM! Catalog where there is a list of ideas for outings and where anyone is welcome to add outing descriptions, add more outings or edit existing listings.  The file opens in Google Sheets and you are encouraged to add information.  Add your name at the end so anyone with questions can contact you.

Who Can Go On  A-TEAM! Outings?
Anyone who is a Crooked Cane is on the A-TEAM! any time they want to attend.  Crooked Canes who generally participate in the regularly scheduled outings may opt to attend A-TEAM! outings for any reason at all, including curiosity about a venue, having time constraints (maybe, but Tradition #1 always applies!), recovering from something physical or just plain tired. New Attendees may use an A-TEAM! outing as a test run to get to know the group and see how they fit in.

When Is Scheduling An A-TEAM! Outing Considered?
The general duration, difficulty and distance from WCMC of a regularly scheduled outing are factors in considering scheduling an A-TEAM! outing.  If an outing on the regular schedule generally fits our model, an A-TEAM! outing will be considered, e.g. a 6 mile paddle at Stewart Pond will not be accepted as an alternative for a five mile hike in July.  Peter, Kurt and trip leaders consult on the decisions to accept scheduling an A-TEAM! outing.  As is our tradition for regular outings, it is acceptable to scheduling an A-TEAM! outing only for days on which one has not been scheduled.  Private outings (not announced to the entire group and not via the Crooked Canes Attendee List and which do not qualify for entry in the CC Journal) are acceptable anytime.

Are "Bonus" Outings Still Okay To Schedule?
Absolutely and the more the merrier!.  Bonus Outings are never scheduled for the same day as a regularly scheduled outing (Thursdays) showing due respect to the efforts of outing leaders, whose efforts are on your behalf.  Bonus outings can be scheduled on any day except Thursday, but be aware that Thursday outings often are changed to Wednesday or Friday if weather forecasts for Thursday appear unfavorable and potentially, but this would be EXTREMELY rare, even to Tuesday or Saturday if forecasts are bad for Wednesday through Friday. Feel free to use the Attendee List to email everyone about your trip and remember that to be a true "Bonus" Outing eligible for entry in the Journal, all Attendees must be invited.