The Crooked Canes
The A-TEAM!'s Beginning
In 1979 a loose organization of individuals sharing common outdoor interests evolved.  They became a very active, well organized and communicative group, adopting the name Crooked Canes in 1985. One outing was scheduled each Thursday.  Individuals who considered a scheduled outing not desirable due to difficulty, distance from home, a particular venue or any other reasons would simply not attend and at some point began to privately and quietly organize alternate outings. There's more info on our History page.

The popularity of the Crooked Canes grew over the years with outings covering a wide spectrum of activities, level of difficulty from easy to challenging and close to or farther away from our central meeting place.  In 2015 a number of veteran Canes began to discuss establishing a schedule of outings parallel to the regular outings that would involve less effort, be generally closer to home and which would not dilute participation in the existing schedule. It was a very logical progression and on Thursday, September 17, 2015 a new "experimental group" had its first outing at a new venue, the Dean Farm Heritage Trail in Stony Creek. That outing generated a lot of interest, excitement and anticipation of possibilities for the future.  Joanne Armstrong, "eagerly" accepting responsibility (as in "No problemo, Tom!") to write an entry in the Journal (there really was no getting out of it!) said "I had no idea what to call this and calling our group that day the "A-TEAM!" was the first thing that popped into my head so I called it that."

Where Does The A-TEAM! Go And How Difficult Are Outings?
Pretty much anywhere they want and generally whenever they want. These outings differ from the regularCurrent Regular Outings in that they are shorter in duration and driving distance and have an "Easier," aka "Green Circle" difficulty rating described on our Difficulty rating page. 

Who Can Go On  A-TEAM! Outings?
Anyone who is a Crooked Cane is on the A-TEAM! any time they want to be. New Attendees can use an A-TEAM! outing as a test run to get to know more about the group and develop a good "Will I fit in?" comfort level.